We would like to draw your attention that the Holy River Establishment provides the world with the chance to carry out Baptism with the use of this authentic Holy Water extracted from the sacred place (Jordan River) where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ to reinforce the place’s spirituality in the hearts and souls of all believers.


Kindly Note that there is a certificate which indicates the agreement signed between the Baptism Site Commission in Jordan and the Holy River Establishment to have the full authority to bottle and distribute the Holy Water.  As well as the hologram seal located on the neck of the bottle, which contains the official logo of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, and the logos of the different churches and the Royal Commission for the Baptism Site, and a special unique number to prevent counterfeiting.

Note : There is No price for Holy Water, but fees for services provided, we would like to clarify how the prices are considered to formulate the total price of the bottle:-


Service charges earned by The Baptism Site Commission for the label that include pumping, R.O. process, and storage, pumping the water from Jordan River, purification (process) of the water through Reverse Osmosis technology, and storing it in a special tank, after consecrating the Water by the Priests.)


The bottling and packaging process and material, the man power (workers’ wages) and last but not least, the transporting and shipment to different countries.

Please allow us to introduce our self as one of the Business Development coordinators for Holy Water.

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