Holy Water From The River Jordan

Certified by The Royal Commission for The Baptism Site in Jordan

The Orthodox Patriarchate of Jordan and the Catholic Church of Jordan

Holy Water Uses :The Church strongly urges the use of the blessed Holy Water upon all family members. Holy Water is the means of Spiritual wealth and a sacrament that remits venial sins. Holy Water is a symbol of inner cleansing. Holy Water blesses everything you wish to sanctify. Holy Water grants relief and Peace for the souls near Heaven. Holy Water can be kept as a Souvenir from the Baptism Site.

Packaging of the bottle in its three kinds to show the Jordanian Flag and a map showing the Baptism Site on the Jordan River and the other religious sites approved for Christian Pilgrimage in Jordan. The general appearance of the bottle and the three types of packaging (Small, medium and large) to fit and to suit with the sanctity of the water and its religious and historical significance, as well as to suit with the highest standards of quality for the Jordanian product which make us proud of this national item.


As a sign of that, it shows clearly through the photos taken with H.E. former prime minister, presents this holy bottle to the Pope and President of the Foundation of Christian Pilgrimage in the Vatican and the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and a number of politicians and statesmen.