Holy River Establishment is a Jordanian company licensed to distribute consecrated Holy Water from Bethany beyond the Jordan. The Extraction, bottling and distribution processes of our Holy Water are performed under the supervision of the Holy Land Church and the Jordanian government, in addition that every bottle is shipped with its originality certificate and with its own serial number and hologram sign.


Our Vision

A Holy Water bottle in every home in the world in order to create peace and harmony among all nations. To be number one provider of Holy Water in the world. For us, Holy Water is not a product. We believe that Holy Water is a symbol which meets essential needs for Spiritual Human Beings.


Our Values

Dealing with honesty and integrity with everybody out of the culture of our humane establishment. Equality, Goodness, Peace, Faith, Kindness, Forgiveness, Brotherhood, Honesty, Respect Freedom,  Loyalty to God…..Devotion of these values in societies and spreading it.


The procedure of praying conducted to the Holy Water

Is responsible for the Holy Water procedures, and execute the praying session on site. The Royal Baptism Site cooperates with the Holy Land Churches in Jordan to consecrate the water by a priest and execute the praying session on site. For each and every single order the Royal Baptism Site Commission, instructs the official minister (priest) of the Holy Land Church to pray so water becomes Holy. See the Video Part 01 and Part 02.